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4" Polished Aluminum Backer.

4" Polished Aluminum Backer.

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Reliably Polish Granite Without Hassle.

Designed for professional fabricators and DIY enthusiasts, this backer delivers exceptional results and easy to use.

Backers are used to secure polishing pads and thread onto a polisher or grinder.

Crafted with precision from high-quality polished aluminum and equipped with a robust Velcro fastening system, this backer promises to revolutionize your granite polishing experience.

Many backers have Velcro that wears out over time. From Granite Gadgets, this backer is meant to last and keep pads in-place and centered. This design offers the best quality we could find so you spend more time polishing instead of looking for you pad that flew off somewhere.

Perfectly balanced for high RPMs and firm pressure while maintaining control of your polisher or grinder.

Balanced For Perfect Stability:

✅ Extended lifespan: Aluminum backer's durability ensures it withstands frequent use, reducing the need for replacements and maintenance.

Enhanced polishing stability: Its rigid structure provides stability during polishing, minimizing vibrations and ensuring precise results.

✅ Uniform polishing pressure: The backer's design facilitates even pressure distribution across the surface, preventing uneven polishing and achieving consistent results.

✅ Versatile compatibility: Compatible with various standard polishing machines, it offers flexibility in fabrication setups, accommodating different equipment types.

✅ Secure pad attachment: Strong Velcro fastening secures polishing pads firmly in place, minimizing slippage and ensuring uninterrupted polishing sessions.

User-friendly operation: Easy attachment and removal simplify the polishing process, saving time and effort, and making it accessible for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Professional-grade finish: The combination of stability, uniform pressure, and secure attachment results in high-quality, flawless finishes on granite surfaces, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.

"Works every time!"

Jason T - Granite Fabricator

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