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4" Rubber Backer - Granite Gadgets™

4" Rubber Backer - Granite Gadgets™

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Flexible Backer For Flawless Curves.

Soft backers are designed to bend to ensure the polishing pad is flush against the stone.

Best for under mount sinks to reach the tight areas or big outside corners for a smooth curve.

The purpose of using a rubber backer instead of a solid backer in granite fabrication lies in the unique advantages it offers:

Flexibility: Rubber backers offer enhanced flexibility, ensuring consistent contact between the polishing pad and stone for smoother results, particularly on curved surfaces.

Vibration Absorption: They absorb vibrations, reducing chatter and minimizing surface damage during the polishing process.

Pad Adhesion: The textured surface of rubber backers improves pad adhesion, preventing slippage and ensuring stable and consistent polishing.

Reduced Heat Buildup: Rubber's natural insulating properties dissipate heat, preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of both the pad and the stone.

Overall, the purpose of using a rubber backer is to optimize the polishing process by providing enhanced flexibility, vibration absorption, pad adhesion, and heat dissipation. These advantages contribute to smoother, more uniform, and higher-quality finishes in granite fabrication.

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