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4" Snail Lock Backer - Granite Gadgets™

4" Snail Lock Backer - Granite Gadgets™

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Introducing the 4" Snail Lock Backer, an essential tool for granite fabrication, now available at Granite Gadgets, your go-to destination for premium granite tools.

This innovative backer offers a multitude of benefits, ensuring superior performance and efficiency in your fabrication projects.

Snail Lock Backers provide stability and security during the fabrication process. Its unique snail lock design ensures a tight and secure grip on polishing pads, preventing slippage and ensuring precise control.

side view of snail lock backer for granite fabricators

Enhanced Safety: The snail lock mechanism ensures a secure attachment of polishing pads to the backer, reducing the risk of pad slippage during operation.

Increased Efficiency: The snail lock system allows for quick and effortless pad changes, enabling fabricators to switch between different grits with ease.

Improved Precision: With its stable grip on polishing pads, the snail lock backer provides better control and stability during the polishing process.

Long-Term Cost Savings: The robust construction of these backers ensures they can withstand the demands of heavy-duty use in professional fabrication settings, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

granite gadgets snail lock backer for granite fabricators

"We always use a snail lock backer and discs when deck polishing because they're flat and firm. Soft pads can make the surface wavy, every shops needs these."

Brett - Granite Gadgets

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